To become a knight and protect all of Coralot! 

That is the dream that has been in Astra's heart and mind for all her time. She want's nothing more than to protect her kingdom and give her parents the life they've always wished for. 

Unfortunately, Astra is of royal blood and her parents would rather her focus on preparing to take over the family business. 

Her parents mean the world to her and she doesn't want to crush their dreams. But running the family business isn't in the cards for Astra. She wants to follow her heart and keep her parents best wishes still in mind. 

All changes when Astra learns of a journey that will change the life of the young starfish. She sets out to find a fabled item that could bring about her dreams and wishes once and for all. 


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  • BraveStar is an all-age tale of adventure and chasing your dreams. It is my homage to the animated film I grew up watching from Disney, to Pixar and DreamWorks. A grand fantasy taking place in an underwater mythical medieval style kingdom for all to see and enjoy.

  • The story was created by me and will be written by me with the art being done by the ever talented duo helping me. Rafael Sam and Lia Perrone 

Inspiration and Vision

The inspiration for BraveStar came from a simple thought. I stood out among the night sky and gazed into the stars. Being the dreamer I am and wanting to chase my dream of becoming a comic book creator and future filmmaker. It dawned on me the simple phrase of " Reach for the stars and land in the clouds." Boom. BraveStar was born. The tale of a starfish wanting to become a "Real Star." And so I began crafting a plot from each character involved and within due time a story was made. 

The story took time in crafting. Due to me growing as a writer and creator. Also finding an artist to help bring my vision to life. But overtime each piece began to fall into place. And I could begin seeing the vision of BraveStar come alive. 

I love animated films and I love epic tales of courage, bravery and honor. That's why this story has to be told. It's the embodiment of every feeling I have within my soul of longing for a grand adventure. But also to achieve my dream despite the obstacles placed ahead of me to live my life as a creator. Which is why Astra will carry me on this adventure. I hope you join in and embark with adventure in your heart! 


Brave Star takes place in an underwater mythical sea kingdom called Coralot.

A kingdom thriving in the wake of the sea king, Arthurian who built it and saved it from the dark reef

that once threatened to wipe out all life in the sea kingdom. 



Astra, when not helping her parents run their bakery in their home among Coralot capitol of the sea kingdom. She longs for her dream to come true of becoming a knight to protect her kingdom. 

Fate pushed her upon a path that may bring her dream closer to reality when she aid's the prince of the sea kingdom in finding a lost relic of his father's. 

With a big heart and boundless motivation. Astra seeks out the journey of her life for the dream she's wanting for so long. 


Sira, adopted sister of Astra and her family at a young age. She's never felt more at home with them. Always loving and caring. Pushing Astra to chase her dreams and never give up. 

In love with the family business, Sira longs for the day where she can run it. But knows that Astra is the one to take the mantle. But by her side she'll be helping along the way. 

Astra's dreams are the most important to her big sister. And Sira plans on seeing her achieve that by any means. While also planning to marry the love of her life, Johan some day soon. 


Alask (The King Crab), sworn rival of the sea king since childhood. The two fought the most glorious of battles against one another for the title of king. 

The time came when darkness planned to destroy the kingdom. Alask put aside his differences to help his rival save the kingdom they both fought so hard for. 

Witnessing his rival die was hard. But being trapped by his rival was harder without being able to help. His eyes seek freedom to reclaim his rivals coveted weapon in order to take over Coralot once and for all. 


Leo, prince to the sea kingdom and son to the sea king. The throne is soon to be his and he feels the shoes left behind are too big to fill. 

A heavy heart weighs upon him to lose his father. He seeks to become the man he needs to be for his mother and for the kingdom that looks to him for guidance and protection. 

His father's lost relic will come home to his son and his kingdom. That is when the prince will finally become the king. 


Johan, the leading blacksmith in all of Coralot. He and his father work hard for their living and love helping the kingdom whenever they are called upon. 

Weapons and crafting are a few of the many loves, Johan enjoys. But nothing more proper than the love shared between him and Sira. He plans to wed her and allow them happiness forever and ever. 

When the time came for Sira to support Astra. Johan lent his strength to her dreams. Seeing to it that Sira's heart and Astra's dreams become complete!

Astra and crew will set off to a journey binding their fates together in hopes achieving their dreams 

but also must face unseen obstacles on the path's ahead to reach them. May their will's remain strong to achieve their dreams.