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Keio awakens to a mysterious foe from the shadows and his family in danger. Fight or flight!

Rising Darkness

Chapter One


Training with guardians is one thing. But surrounding yourself with them is another. Keio meets new faces as allies.

The Assassin and The Dragon

Chapter Three

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Keio finally learns of his families fate and meets with them once more before deciding his next course.

From The Heart

Chapter Five


The time has come for Keio to show promise or fall to the wayside once and for all.

Showing Promise

Chapter Seven

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The aftermath of Keio's battle with fate settles in. Meeting guardian's he once thought were myths. 

Princess and The Protector

Chapter Two

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With his fate coming together a new face appears that may challenge his existence and reason.

The Prince and The Guardian

Chapter Four

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Training takes place toward becoming a guardian while Zaithor tends to the safety of the realms.

A New Hope

Chapter Six