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Infinite News and Website Update

Hello All! 1H3RO Here! Just wanting to give you all a quick update with Infinite The Journey and it's progress as we're closer to the finish of Chapter 6 and also pushes a closer to the finish of Volume 1! The release schedule has changed from weekly to monthly as we want to give out quality over quantity and haven't seen much benefit to doing a weekly format for a long form story. I actually mention this in the next Flight Episode which you'll get here in the next day or so.

But enough of that. Now for the good stuff! Please check them out. The team of Prajak - http://si-o.deviantart.com/ and Sebas - http://sebasrd24.deviantart.com/ Have been working extremely hard on Infinite for me. And I can't be happier.

For those that have been used to the site. Just did some minor tweaks and graphical updates to flow more with my personal feel and touch on the site. As well as the new logo added for my affiliation with the Barrage Crew. Which is where I hang my creative hat with other great creative people as we look to establish a great community for all to come and share in the best of friendships across the globe!


That's all I have for you all now! Thank you for your time and consideration. I appreciate you! Remember! Greatness Lives Within 1.H.3.R.O

Youtube Channel!

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