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To Live, Love and Create

Artwork by Yuumei - http://www.yuumeiart.com/

I care not for the words or opinion that will limit and hinder the creativity that I possess. To indulge my energy into something that doesn't enhance but to inhibit would border among the foolish.

For your words and views are only just that. Yours. Considering them remains an option. But that is the extent of it all.

To fly solo in a world where remaining unique to oneself is only but a difficult task for anyone walking the green withering earth to bare. It should be done so that a full life lay ahead for those that chance the venture.

To release the dreams of the mind through the vision of your eyes onto paper with the tool of your craft. Be it writing or art. Should fill you with happiness and joy. Nothing more. Not to fret over another soul not liking what you deem worthy of your time and effort.

True happiness awaits those with the valor to withstand what opposes you on the journey to achieve your goal and to live thy dreams.

I dare you to be bold enough and go fourth with all your hearts content and relinquish all doubts and fears. The aura of wonder will surround your heart and soul in pure treasure for having done what seemed impossible.

Pursuing your happiness whilst loving yourself, your thoughts that make you who you are.

Be free. To Live and To Love and Create.


Greatness Lives Within



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