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The Writer That Won't Write.

It's not from the lack of skill. Or not having the intellectual capacity. Not even time is a relevant issue that plagues the writer as an obstacle.

Belief. Fear. Failure. These three things combine and manifest into the single most important thing that's stopping the writer from simply...writing. The Inner Writer. The worst enemy any one walking the green yet fragile earth could ever face.

The stories come as a vision to the mind of the writer. But never the leave the mind of the writer through the hands of the writer allowing words to carry the vision from thought to life.

It's only believed that once an expert of the visual arts comes into play will the story truly see life. Blinded by the fact that their creations are limited by none other than themselves as the creator. Believing that the hands of another could do better justice to their own vision and story.

Surprisingly so. It's been like that for the last 5 years. The writers first attempt came to be in the form of a manga. A massive undertaking for the first time writer while also becoming a massive collaborative effort among strangers scattered all over the globe. Brought together with the sole purpose of helping the writer who just won't...write.

The writer trusting in his own righteous mind that the path chosen before him is the right one and there is none better. Wanting to help others in his altruistic nature. Artists do art for a living.

Therefore supplying them with the funding to do what they love and helping to achieve his dream only makes things right. Little did he know it was never that simple. Money isn't everything. And nor can it overcome certain obstacles in this life. Like heartbreak, work, responsibilities and many more.

This lesson was learned as the rookie creator took his bumps and bruises. Suffering loss of artist after artist despite him doing what he thought was right and would secure those he counted on to support him and see his dream out to the end. After time had passed he soon realized what a fantastic dream he was living in the short time he began with it.

A strenuous task it proved to be in finding those that would be the bearer of your burden and the seeker in your dream chase. To add on more burdens he walked among giants that held power over him. Those who had what he didn't. A job opportunity. Job security. A big name that could lead to more fame and better path's. This soon lead to a route of perseverance being tested in the heart of this writer.

To continue seeking out other hands to hold his dream, eyes to bear his vision and creativity of another to blanket him in the security of his vision being worth something. In due time it was revealed in the most glorious manner that he had not failed. But learned a very valuable lesson that would be worth it's weight in the grandest amount of gold that even the king's of Egypt would rival at it's sight.

Under his kind nose laid the tools to carry. Deep within his mind stood the capacity and creativity to to craft any and every vision into reality. Most importantly being the fire that was lit dimly wavering in the pits of his soul. Setting a blaze giving sparks to the greatness that had been within for so long.

The message couldn't have been any clearer for the writer. If you want to do something. Do it yourself. Face the daunting task of writing. And face the fear of your vision being seen differently by the peers and the audience that will encounter.

Loving what you will create and happiness filling your heart as your create it. Those are the most important keys to it all. Once that was realized and it settled in with the writer. Things took a great turn that made waves in his soul's ocean. The ripples will carry the creative pieces of the writer's legacy as he embarks on the journey to truly become what he feared the most.

A Writer That Writes.

Remember. Love. Live. Create


Greatness Lives Within 1.H.E.R.O

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