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This ongoing insult and attacks on your art being worth its value and there are those who don't support or appreciate it is very annoying.

What about those who pay full price for your work despite those who do lackluster wormy?

What about those who pay full price out of their own salaries or money they scrounge up to spare in paying for your art because they love it?

What about those that just can't afford it but love your work as a passionate fan yet you charge them corporate rates as if you're a published artist and them the publisher with deep pockets?

You want to keep down those who are supporting you or potentially will. You want that one writer or fan who's been saving every dollar up to finally commission you?

If it's so much about you and your self worth and value. You don't need anyone to validate that. You need to and should be doing it through your hard earned talent you worked hard to craft.

And if you don't like it nor care to respect it because your the artist with a universe sized ego. Go be by yourself and do it for yourself.

My rant is done. My words have been spoken. Be better. Do better.


Greatness Lives Within


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