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Would You Read Your Favorite Anime/Cartoon/TV Series If It Were A Book?

If you're wondering. I ask this simple question because my passion for writing came from the love I gained in creation while watching movies, anime, cartoons and different tv series.

Naturally it inspired the want to create a comic book in which I did with Infinite The Journey - Vol.1 after completing it. I find myself wanting to continue my creative path. The difference being at a crossroads with following the path of comics or creating novels.

I've been debating on fully writing on my stories as novels and nothing more. But there's the inside fear of noone reading my story or it not reaching it's full potential being told by just words.

This was talked about in a previous blog post of mine. The writer that won't write. (There's the link incase you're interested in reading that.)

And then the question in topic popped into my head where I wondered. With the media I love from watching visually. Would I love it just as much if I had read them instead. It flowed over to the pondering question of friends, family and followers if they could answer the same question.

Would you love the same stories and etc of the visual medium if you had to read them as novels instead?


I'm interested in knowing what the consensus is behind this question. Keep creating!



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