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Don't Fear The Formula

Hello all. 1HERO Here!

With everyone recently going crazy over the recent episode of My Hero Academia.

(You should watch it if you’re a fan of shounen anime/manga.)

(You should watch it if you’re a fan of shounen anime/manga.)

I remembered the one shot it came from which was done by creator Kohei Horikoshi in 2008. It simply amazes my that 10 years later it’s grown into what it is now.

The funny thing is that. The story itself was not what everyone loves about it today. It was something far more of the indie community standard. With it breaking the normal formula and strategy for it’s audience. It was far from a shounen feel. It was almost seinen or teenage to adult relative as a story.

Observe the photo below --

Intro To Boku No Hero - One Shot - 2008

The main character was not a kid. He wasn’t in school. He was a young hard worker. Like many of us with our normal 9-5 jobs some with more hours than that. You think it was successful 10 years ago? Not really.

What happened was the creator had to undergo a complete rework and facelift for the story. This is where it became interesting to me. A story that was somewhat more original had to be reworked into something familiar in order for it to be successful.

This caught my interest because so many individuals including myself break our minds over creating something 100% original so that we can come out of the shadow of the stories that would draw comparison to our own. Yet. The same audiences we’re trying to create original stories for yearn for different stories. But yet fall inlove with the stories that are masked in a different costume with the same person under neath.

A Hero's Journey - Popular/Familiar - Story Foundation

Meaning the formula for most stories that are successful or are loved by many have a similar structure and foundation under it all. It’s one that we’ve seen before. The pieces of the puzzle are quite familiar. Which makes it easy for us to grasp a hold too. And like, love or hate.

So the point of this is to simply say. Don’t fear the formula that fits best with your story. I know I have done it and still battle with it. Which is why my story making journey has been harder for me. Trying to over do it. Over think it. And overcome the obstacle of the millions of stories that have been told before my own. Which I can’t. But I know what I can do.

I can tell the stories I have over the foundations that are familiar to the world with my own flair. My own taste. My messages and themes. The characters and personalities I have encountered in my life. That’s where the difference is made. You could have similar ideas like your counterparts in the creative industry.

Doesn’t mean the stories will be identical. You’re two different people. Now there are those that can and have plagiarized stories which is unacceptable. But don’t limit yourself because you want to tell a super hero story. Or you want to tell a story about magic and wizardry. Or you want to tell the adventure of a kingdom with dragons and fire and ice in it.

Your story is simply that. YOUR’S. And noone cant take it from you. Tell it. Relish in the story. Perfect your craft and become a better creator and writer or artist than ever before with each passing minute of the day.

Be your own Hero!

Now...with that being said. It’s time we part ways for now. I’ve got some dreams and goals to chase down. And I’m sure you do as well. So let’s go chase them together.


Greatness Lives Within


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