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Brave Star's Future/Plans - 2019-2020

Brave Star - Sample Page

Above is the first images I had the pleasure of seeing the characters of Brave Star. This was the sample page Lia aka Pechan had made for me. And I fell in love with them and the visual look for it from then.

Flash forward to now and at this present point we have 4 pages completed with the rest of Chapter 1 waiting to be finally scripted out and visualized by Lia and myself.

Since it had taken me just under 4 years to complete Infinite The Journey by myself funding the entire issue. I grow weary of putting that much time into completing another grand task and journey like that again with out much to show from it. Besides a great accomplishment of course. It's not easy nor cheap to produce at such a high level like that.

I was leaning toward pushing for a Kickstarter campaign right out of the gate for Brave Star and hopes for success in funding the production of the book. But with Lia's advice and views. We will now be considering the webcomic route once more and seek out potential fans of the series. If successful we can then ask for the strength of the fan base to help us fund the printed works going forward.

Spring boarding us into giving a quality run at a story that spans a vast kingdom under the sea. And more content for all to enjoy.

With that being said. This is more of a formal announcement that we're looking into the best way to release the world of Brave Star for all to join and enjoy with us going forward into the year.

So stay tuned and thank you for joining the mailing list. Be sure to follow the facebook page I use for all my art related projects and updates as well. Sky Runner Creative - https://www.facebook.com/SkyRunnerCreative1/​

Thank you for your time and consideration! Remember. Greatness Lives Within 1.H.E.R.O


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