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Brave Star Update - Feb into March!

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Everything under the sea is moving swimmingly. I know. Bad pun. Couldn't help myself.

As you can see from the panel above. We have started working on the pages beyond Astra's prelude. And the hustle and bustle of Coralot looks amazing in color and detail thank's to Lia and the new artist welcomed to the team Rafael.


Check out his work. He's crazy talented! Super excited to have reached a deal with him and acquired his assets to the team's production moving forward. Hailing from Brazil his wild and fun style with detail and line art skills will be sure to bring the world of Brave Star to life.


Lia has been working on Brave Star among other art projects of hers over on Twitch. She streams there via weekdays for art and weekends for gaming sometimes. But it's always good to see the art done in live action. Check her out sometimes. Page 5 in colors came put amazing!

We started with 33 pages as the count. 4 DOWN! We now have 25 to go before our tentative deadline. The universe allow it. We'll have Brave Star #1 done by the end of the year or sooner. And I can't wait to hold yet another completed works in my hand to share with the world.

Preview samples of Pages 5-8 below!

No time to rest as we chase our goals and dreams. So put your best foot forward to rock on...

wait a second.

ASTRA! I SAID NO RESTING! AWW MAN...Well nevermind. Sleep well. I'll do all the work. We'll be sure to see you wake to an amazing adventure for the world to witness and join you on. You are the "STAR" of the show. Lol.

Thank you for joining the mailing list and being with my along this new journey. I appreciate you all.


1.H.E.R.O " Greatness Lives Within "

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