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Accommodating The Artist

Here I thought I was in the race to the finish line soaring high toward the production and completion of Brave Star's first chapter. Then I landed into reality with an error that I made catching myself off guard.

Lia aka Pechan was the artist behind the sequential art to Brave Star.

And when you're caught in the bliss of having another story on its way to being brought to life. You kinda get blinded by the things that should matter.

Attempt at humor. Lol or not?

Like having one artist sign on to complete let's just say about 15 chapters worth of story that isn't really their own? And expecting a blessing that health and life don't come into play halting the projects in its place.

In truth I appreciate Lia for even deciding to agree. I mean we've been working together since 2011 so history play's it's part in trust and longevity never being an issue. All was going according to plan. We finished the first 4 pages of the prologue. Setting up the world the story and why I'm telling it.

Lia in her twitch stream coloring the final page of Brave Star's prologue. (Follow Lia's twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/lpchan)

Then we fast forward to Lia's twitch stream and that's when reality finally sunk it. "Lia could use some help you idiot." I said to myself. I mean the truth came glaring in the face when Lia spoke on how much her passion laid in the form of color work for comics. Sure she can do the line art. And it phenomenal at it if you ask me. If her heart is truly into bringing images via color. Then it's my job as her client to do so.

Sure I could raise a big fuss and ensure her as the full time artist. But I won't.

Saga, a grand space epic opera ( It's awesome by the way. Haven't read it. Check it out. And brace yourself for a wild ride.)

Written by Brian K Vaughan and illustrated by ever talented Fiona Staples is a prime example of a writer's dream like mine.

So I set out to find an artist to help Lia helm the project of bringing Brave Star Chapter 1 to reality.

That was indeed a great moment and part of the journey into bringing Brave Star to the world. Wanna know more about it?

Stay tuned for the next blog post where I talk about " Seeking An Artist". Where you can read up on my experience gained in the process over the years I've been working alongside artist to create characters and worlds with me.

Long story short as I've over explained this all. If you're working with others. Open your minds and ears. Let those who help you chase your dreams do what they do best. That will ensure the best chance for your projects and dreams.


WHY? Because.....

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