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Brave Star - Update #1

Hello and welcome to the journey of production with Brave Star!

The first goal of this project is to complete the first of 4 pages that have been written and scripted out already. Lia is working on them. She just made a big move into a new place so her equipment should be setup sometime this week to keep things moving forward.

The initial plan for Brave Star in the year of 2018 is to produce a buffer of pages before we get to the official release stage of the story. So throughout the remainder of the year our focus and goal will be placed on finishing pages in a quality manner and prepping for the release.

The end goal for Brave Star is to bring the project to kickstarter and fully fund a graphic novel for the entirety of the story. But ofcourse a following must be built. The waters must be tested to see if there are those in the world that want to see Brave Star!

Here's some progress work on the first page of Brave Star that Lia worked on. This was the very first page that Lia and I worked on together for Brave Star.

The plan was to establish a visual look that appeased both me and Lia. But also to make it manageable for time and efficiency in producing pages at a quality but yet efficient rate. Through some back forth conversations via email. We eventually came to the conclusion of the color palette and the style.

I am very pleased with this. And I know she is as well. So we're excited to bring this to life in the best version possible for you and the many more that join the journey!

I thank you for your time and consideration by subscribing to Brave Star updates and I hope this proves to be a wonderful journey and experience for you all!


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