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Brave Star Update - Marching Into April!

Marching Into April!

I'm back with another update for Brave Star. We're closing the gap of pages as best we can. 21 pages left to go and we'll be ready to start the journey in printing it and placing it into hands across the world.

Both Lia and Rafael have been working hard on their respective work but also on Brave Star and I feel extremely lucky to have them leading me along this journey. Well. There's nothing more to talk about really. We hope to still be on schedule with the deadline for fall.

Kickstarter is going to be the way to get the books in your hand. So be sure to keep up with the updates to see the road ahead and join the journey!

Check out some of the previews from the art they've produced this past month. Looking good and having fun!



Greatness Lives Within



Previews -

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